Portes et Fenêtres 440

You are renovating and it's time to change your doors and windows? You are well settled, you love your neighborhood and you want a house extension!

Whatever your project, Portes et Fenêtres 440 offers custom-made, aesthetic and high-performance products.

With Portes et Fenêtres 440, you benefit from the know-how and advice of construction professionals who will help you find the best door, window or sunroom product suited to your needs.
Our professional installers install your doors, windows and sunroom according to the rules of the art and the constraints of your home.

We offer the complete range of doors and windows from Solaris Quebec, Fenêtres Concept and Fenêtres Concerto.

Solarium Véranda Plus
3 and 4 seasons Sunrooms
Solaris Windows
Combines comfort, quality, durability
Concerto Windows
The Only Window Tested at -30° C
Concept Windows
Made here, for people from here


Choose from our wide selection of doors, windows and sunrooms, all custom-made here in Quebec!

PVC or Hybrid Window
awning window Awning Costs: $$$$$ Awning sections are often placed in the lower or upper parts of a window, combined with a fixed window. Tilts bottom out at 45° and protects against the bad weather.
PVC or Hybrid Window
casement window Casement Costs: $$$$$ The most popular window model, also called crank window. Outward opening left or right. The locking mechanisms are very secure. Optimal performance.
PVC or Hybrid Window
sliding window Sliding Costs: $$$$$ The single or double sliding window provides the best quality/price ratio. It is ideal when space is limited outside the house. This type of window is often found in basements.
PVC or Hybrid Window
hung window Hung Costs: $$$$$ Classic window that allows you to enjoy adequate ventilation with a single or double opening. In addition, its inward tilting panels allow easy maintenance.
PVC or Hybrid Window
tilt and turn window Tilt & Turn Costs: $$$$$ With the tilt-and-turn window it is possible both to tilt the window at the top towards the inside or to open it like a casement window but towards the INSIDE of the house.
PVC or Hybrid Window
fixed or architectural window Fixed / Architectural Costs: $$$$$ The fixed window allows great visibility, offers optimal air and water tightness. Also architectural forms that will satisfy all styles.
PVC or Hybrid Window
bay window Bay / Bow Costs: $$$$$ The bay or arched window adds space to the rooms of your house by giving more light, it also brings a very beautiful cachet to your home.
Steel Entry Door
steel entry door Entry Door Costs: $$$$$ The steel entry door is extremely solid and durable. It offers multiple configurations, choice of colors, glazing and is custom-made.
PVC or Hybrid Entry Door
tilt and turn door Tilt & Turn Costs: $$$$$ Manufactured in an interior swing version only (INSIDE opening of the sash at 95º), this door will fit perfectly with your tilt and turn windows.
PVC Patio Door
patio door r540 R-540 Costs: $$$$$ The R-540 sliding patio door combines vinyl and wood for optimal sturdiness. Smooth, safe and reliable operation. Best quality/price.
PVC Patio Door
patio door r550 R-550 Costs: $$$$$ The R-550 patio door with its incomparable finish is the ideal solution for your renovation projects. Its wood and PVC frame (welded) makes it very easy to install.
PVC or Hybrid Patio Door
heritage patio door Heritage Costs: $$$$$ Clean and modern, the Heritage patio door is an innovative and exclusive product design by Solaris Québec Portes et fenêtres. Narrow sashes for more luminosity, perfect for renovations.
PVC or Hybrid Patio Door
inova patio door Inova Costs: $$$$$ With its super robust design, this contemporary style patio door surpasses market performance. The fixed section offers maximum visibility.
Hybrid Patio Door
element patio door Element Costs: $$$$$ The advantages of a patio door with aluminum overlay are undeniable: enhanced look, solidity and durability. Its trendy colors allow you to personalize your door.
Aluminum Patio Door
urbania patio door Urbania Costs: $$$$$ Offer a unequaled performance and a panoramic view in two or four shutter format. Add side windows and transoms to create custom curtain walls of impressive sizes.
Aluminum Patio Door
loft patio door Loft - Lift & Slide Costs: $$$$$ Maximize view and light thanks to the huge glass panels of the Loft door! Its lift-and-slide mechanism makes it possible to manufacture gigantic patio doors with only two shutters.
Sunroom & Veranda
3 seasons sunroom 3 Seasons Costs: $$$$$ 3 Seasons Sunroom; Véranda Plus. 3 season fixed and sliding windows with insulated roof, custom made in the design and color of your choice!
Sunroom & Veranda
4 seasons sunroom 4 Seasons Costs: $$$$$ 4 Seasons Sunroom with the windows of your choice, pvc or hybrid, double or triple glass and insulated roof. Custom made in the design and color of your choice!
Greenhouse Window
greenhouse window Transformation Costs: $$$$$ No more water infiltration, uncontrollable temperature and rot in your walls. Our solution; The complete transformation of your greenhouse window.